2011 Winner: Lauren McCaleb Chicago grandmother Lauren McCaleb had never even been to Arizona when she chose the state to have her home built. It was just the beginning of a whirlwind year for McCaleb, the 2011 Dream Home Giveaway winner. One minute a person was notifying her over the phone that she'd won a $200,000 home, the next she was being whisked away to Arizona to choose its location. "It's still hard to believe that I actually won," said McCaleb, who retired to Arizona in early 2012 with her husband. "But having the keys in my hand and the home in front of me made it sink in."
2010 Winner: Michael Bernardo The Dream Home Giveaway's Cinderella story, Michael Bernardo received the keys to his brand new two-story home at Del Rio Ranch in Avondale, Arizona in the nick of time. After losing his job due to the recession, the Dream Home Giveaway was a definite bright spot for Bernardo, his lovely wife and their four children. Bernardo entered the promotion 119 times and despite more than 700,000 entries, Bernardo and his family soon found themselves in their dream home.
2009 Winner: Kristen Pierce Some people seem to just be born lucky. They win raffles, special giveaways and lotteries almost without even trying. Kristen Pierce had never considered herself one of these people, so it was with uncertainty and a large amount of hope that she entered her name in the 2009 Taylor Morrison Dream Home Giveaway. Months later, long after she'd forgotten about her submission, Pierce found out that she was the winner of a $200,000 dream house. "You know, there are certain drawings I'm not going to be afraid to enter anymore. You can't win if you don't enter. If you want to win something, you have to enter."
2008 Winner: Jennifer Draa Jennifer Draa was a single mother who entered the Dream Home Giveaway contest back in 2008 but never in a million years thought she would win. Her then eleven year old son, Ryan had wished for a new home away from the noisy condo they were living in where they could hear the loud street noise and sirens go by. Jennifer almost got passed up by another person to win the 2008 dream home because she didn't recognize the number on her Caller ID. Today, she is glad she answered that third call as she sits in her beautiful new Taylor Morrison home in Northern California. Incredible stroke of luck, she got just that.
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